We have a place for you to go deeper in God's Word. All ages in all stages, we have a class for you!

Get involved in our Learning Hour Classes! 

Current Classes: SUMMER 2019

June, July, August


Taught by: Pastor Tom Brown

Location: East Overflow in Main Sanctuary/Worship Center

Unit 1: Selected Psalms of David

Unit 2: Letter to the Hebrews

New Beginnings

Taught by: Pastor Tim Buzbee & John Walker

Location: Upstairs Conference Room/Room 205

This class continually cycles through nine topics, and culminates with water baptism. Believers that are new to the Christian faith are introduced to topics which are important for the Christian walk. 

Home Builders

Taught by: Marty Ure

Location: Fellowship Hall/Room 100-101

We focus on "Biblical Foundations" and learning how to build our homes and lives on The Rock!

Come enjoy specific series from RightNow Media each week.

Mcc @ LCC (Married Couples Class)

Taught by: Nathanael & Candace Najarian

Location: Room 204

This class, available to all married or engaged couples, utilizes videos, books, 

and open discussion to learn how to maintain a God-centered marriage in today's world.

Women's Bible Study

Taught by: Pastor Sheryl Franco

Location: Room 102 (Worship Center West Overflow)

Come grow, connect, and build strong relationships with other women of God! 

We'll have devotionals and a time to pray for each other.

But most importantly, we're going to grow stronger in our relationships with Jesus.

Deep Dive

Taught by: Pastor Andy Moss

Location: Main Sanctuary/Worship Center

We're studying the Book of Revelation. Come dive deeper into God's Word every week! 

BUDS (AGes 3-6)

Taught by: Angela Shepherd

Location: Room 207

Unit 1: Learning to Care

Unit 2: Learning to Help

Unit 3: Learning to Listen


Taught by: Debbie Moss

Location: Room 202

Unit 1: The First Church

Unit 2: The Church Grows

Unit 3: Stories about Paul

Primary (Grades 1-2)

Taught by: Tabby Jones

Location: Room 202

Unit 1: In the Beginning

Unit 2: A New Beginning

Unit 3: Abraham and His Family

Middler (Grades 3-4)

Taught by: Pastor Emily Sombrito

Location: Room 200

Unit 1: The Church

Unit 2: I Am a Witness

Unit 3: God Helps with our Problems

Preteen (Grades 5-6)

Taught by: Richard & Kathy Rodriguez

Location: Room 201

Unit 1: In the Beginning God Said...

Unit 2: My Daily Voyage with God

Unit 3: Spiritual Champions

Junior High & High School (Grades 7-12)

Taught by: Matt Terry

Location: Room 001 (Basement - Entrance is at back of worship platform, near drum set)

Our junior high and high school students meet for a time of devotions

and to connect and grow together in fellowship as a Church family.