find the wonder of christmas

this holiday season at life center church

You, your family, & friends, have been invited to the

Annual Christmasville Festival on December 16th, 17th, & 18th. 

As you join our Mayor for the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony starting at 6:00pm, you'll notice something wondrous begins to happen and not everything in Christmasville is as it seems...

Join us at Life Center Church for a Festival you'll never forget with entertainment, food, fun, and of course, a little holiday magic.

Please be aware that although we will do our very best to accommodate the amount of guests we will have at our Festival as seen to by Santa's Elves, 

food and craft will be on a first come, first served basis. 

We highly encourage your arrival on time.


See the Event Schedule below:

6:00pm Festival Begins

6:05pm Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with Pastor Glenn & Robin Garvin

Guests are encouraged to come and countdown for the tree ceremony

6:10 - 8:00pm Music, Food, Festivities,  & Santa Pictures will be open for guests


Street Show "Christmas Hijinks" 

Through out our evening guests will be delighted with Hijinx from Santa's Elves at the following times and your participation will be encouraged:

6:30pm  - The Festival Has Begun

7:00pm - The Plan in Action

7:30pm - The Head Elf

8:00pm Story time with Santa

            All Other entertainment and food will be shut down at this time

Following our story time, Pastor  Glenn will close our event.