Children's Ministry

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me," and our Children's Ministry is focused on bringing The Word to even His littlest of loved ones. Whether you have a newborn or a 12-year old, we want to love them and teach them about the amazing stories of Jesus and (most importantly) LEAD them to Jesus!  

For more info, visit our facebook or instagram Pages, EMAIL Pastor Emily, or call our Church Office at 562.866.9078.

Join us on Sundays  8:30 | 11:00 am

Learning Hour Classes  10:00 am

Royal Rangers & Girls Ministries  6:00 pm

Kids Crusade 2018: Treasure within

We discovered the true Treasure Who lives inside us - Jesus! We learned about David and Goliath and that God will help us knock down the giants in our lives. With Joshua, we learned that with God, the walls holding us back from His promises will crumble if we just depend on Him. Gideon taught us that size and numbers don’t matter when God is on your side. 

Of course, the best message of all, we learned that Jesus still calms the storms in our life and He is still the captain of our ship. 

Upcoming Events

We love kids! Come hangout with us at all our events and special celebrations with friends and family. 

We have lots to get involved in! Be sure to check out our Youth, Girls Ministries & Royal Rangers, too!

  • Kid Nation Sunday Series

    Our media has come up with all sorts of apps to help us through life, but we believe that the Bible provides us with a verse for every season of life: the good and the bad times. 

    Join us on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 11:00am as we dig deeper in God's Word and learn how to always turn to Him for all of life's ups and downs. 

  • Armor of God

    Join us on Sunday mornings as we discover how to suit up in the Armor of God!

    BUDS (ages 3-6) Services    8:30am | 11:00am

we believe in kids

If your passion is to serve kids and teach them about Jesus, we invite you to join our team!

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