REMNANT is the weekly gathering dedicated to providing a place for students (7th -12th grade) to connect with God, other students, and older committed leaders who are dedicated to seeing students grow closer to Christ. This is an awesome place to learn about Jesus, grow in relationship with Him, make some life-long friends, and of course, have fun. The staff and volunteers are all adult leaders who love hanging out with crazy teenagers!

All students worship and fellowship together, then junior high and high school students are divided into separate groups for our teaching time. We love the high energy of the large group worship, but when it comes to teaching, we want to provide our students with age-appropriate teaching of Biblical truths and application for the better of understanding of what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus.


TRIBES (small groups) are the best way for students to get connected on a deeper level within our ministry. We offer gender and grade specific groups weekly on Tuesday nights at the end our Students service. These groups are 10-15 students, are led by adult leaders and meet weekly from Sept 12 - Dec 5. We hope you join one today!

Are you an adult (age 18 or over) who is interested in finding out more on leading a student growth group?

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When it comes to student ministries at Life Center, we have a simple formula that we have seen work over and over. Here it is: A caring adult + a student = great stuff. That’s it! It’s not magic, but we know it works! We know that when a caring adult is involved in the life of a student, great stuff happens. Will you consider being one of those caring adults? Our team would love to have you join us! (By the way, we believe that you are never too old for student ministry!)


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