Remnant Sunday's

Our Remnant program takes place in between the 8:30AM & 11AM services at 10AM. This program is targeted towards our junior high and high school students. The young people will head to the basement backstage for a fun and relevant program. Parents are welcome to join us in the basement to hangout and meet our leaders!

Remnant Youth Service

This is a full blown YOUTH WORSHIP EXPERIENCE targeted towards 11-18 year olds. They are to gather our local youth all together and provide a night they can worship Jesus, have fun and celebrate being young.We meet at 7PM every Wednesday night in the main sanctuary. We provide food prior to service at 6pm.

We are passionate about young people catching the heart of Jesus and vision of the local church, finding a place to call home and knowing they can always come as they are.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to email us at

Remnant leadership

You may have heard people call junior high and high school students “the next generation” or the “future of the church,” we believe you are an essential part of the body of Christ right now. Whether you’re 14 or 64, if you are a believer in Christ, you have been called to serve God and serve other people. We believe God has called all of us into a life characterized by selflessness, love, and humility. REMNANT's Leadership is a team through which we want to equip and empower students who feel the call to lead other individuals with a Christ-like attitude.

We have three different tiers of leaders in our ministry with different expectations:


These leaders have a deep sense of calling and passion for REMNANT. They are expected to not only serve on Tuesday nights but also attend youth leader trainings, vision casting meetings, and majority of our big events (summer camp, youth convention, winter leadership retreat, mission trips, etc.).


These leaders have a genuine heart and passion for REMNANT but can only commit to serving on Tuesday nights. All of our extracurricular activities are open to them but optional. These leaders will serve in different capacities ranging from worship team to small group leaders.


These leaders have a HUGE heart for the next generation and will serve as an extra set of eyes at our big events or trips. All of our extracurricular activities are open to them but optional.

We want your involvement in this team to spring from your understanding that God loves you unconditionally and that serving Him isn’t about earning your place in Heaven—Christ already did that for you. As a believer in Christ, each one of you was created, saved, and gifted for ministry. He has given you gifts, experiences, and qualities that He wants you to use, not just at church, but also at home, at school, on your sports team, etc. 

We are not looking for students who view REMNANT Leadership as just an extension of their social life. We are not looking for people who are motivated by recognition, reputation, rank or reward. This isn’t the cute, fun popular club at church. Instead, we welcome individuals who have a desire to care for and love others in order to glorify God. We are looking for people who are serving in all aspects of their lives and who are willing to be spiritual leaders to those around them. We want people who are motivated by the fact that they are loved by Jesus Christ, the One who set the ultimate example of service for us. 

>>> Mark 10:45 | For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. (NLT)

Spiritual Gift Assessment | Leader Application

Weekly Small Group Leader Report


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