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Day One

Join us for Day One of Kids Crusade!

Day One content available starting September 3rd at 3pm. 

Choose your champion, engage in heartfelt worship, participate in exciting games and crafts, and enjoy a yummy snack. The adventure starts NOW!


Join us for Day Two of Kids Crusade!

Day Two content available starting September 4th at 3pm.

What's going to happen next in our journey at Kingdom Academy? Will Adam leave the other champions behind?
Find out as we jump into Day 2 of Kids Crusade.  
Get ready for some amazing worship, crafts, games, and message. 

Day Three

Join us for Day Three of Kids Crusade!

Day Three content available starting September 5th at 3pm.

What or who will the champions find in the Forbidden Wood? 

Find out tonight! It's going to be so exciting. Don't forget about tagging us in your social media posts while you experience amazing worship, games, crafts, a message, and more. 

Day Four

Join us for Day Four of Kids Crusade!

Day Four content available starting September 6th at 3pm.

Our champions have one more challenge to complete. Will they succeed before the clock strikes midnight? Find out tonight on our last day of Kids Crusade! Don't forget to tag us in your social media posts. We want to see your worship dance parties, creative crafts, and enjoying the snacks.