Giving Updates!


You can still give to Miracle Sunday!

Just mark it on your offering envelope or in the notes of your online donation!

November is an historical faith marker for us. This month we radically invest into what God is doing. This month we give our Miracle Sunday Offering

On November 22, we’ll celebrate God’s extraordinary faithfulness. It’s been part of our Life Center story for 43 years as we unite together for a “Reverse Tithe” thanksgiving offering. There’s never been a year like 2020. We’ve been gathering both digitally and physically for over 9 months. And because we’ve had this “phygital” (physical and digital) experience, we get to bring our Miracle Sunday Offering both digitally and physically. All offerings given on November 22, unless otherwise designated, will be Miracle Sunday offerings. 

For those newer to Life Center, you might be asking what is a reverse titheWhile we may be used to bringing God’s 10%, a reverse tithe is giving the 90% of that week’s wages and seeing what God will do with the remaining 10%. It is a sacrifice that shouts that we are dependent on a faithful God. The fact that 2020 has been so challenging, even life altering, drives us to be even more intentional in bringing our thanksgiving gift, and expressing both our gratitude and reliance on God. 

This year’s offering will be directed to three areas: Project number one is CityServe and the amazing local outreach opportunities they bring to our community. Second is phase 3 of the refugee response known as The New Exodus Project. And, the third project is our own City of Lakewood, assisting the city in shoring up critical areas: Project Shepherd, Lakewood Educational Foundation and our Weingart Senior Center. 

See below for more details about each project individually. I am so excited! We get to do something big together. Both our faith and generosity are parts of our Thanksgiving gift. We get to see God at work as He not only supplies our needs but also uses us to bless others.

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Pastor Glenn Garvin, Lead Pastor


Due to the many challenges of the pandemic we know the health and economic impact of COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on millions of Americans who lack basic necessities in their homes including food, clothes, and essential household items. Churches around the country are partnering with CityServe to fill the gap in the "Last Mile of Need."

Local churches have a unique ability to fill the gaps because they are in close relationship with their neighbors and most aware of the needs and specific circumstances in their community. They look out for the unseen, forgotten, and left behind. To this end CityServe is focused on delivering to the “Last Mile of Need” by empowering and equipping the local church to fulfill its purpose to overcome despair and transform lives by resourcing them with tangible goods and capacity building.

New Exodus Project (Phase 3)

The SoCal Network has been working overseas with refugees and local churches in Greece, Jordan, and Turkey. This phase of the project deals directly with caring for women and children through meeting basic needs and education resources.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that all women and children are cared for, protected, educated, and experience the Love of God. Our engagement of hygiene products and food bags provide sustenance for each family each month. Through these resources it has opened the door to speak into their lives about the Gospel.


$60 provides one box of food and hygiene products to a refugee family for one month. 


$2000 provides food bags for 150 families in distress due to the pandemic. 


Your gift of a Food Kit can provide food to keep kids nourished and give their parents peace of mind.


City of Lakewood

We are partnering with the City of Lakewood in three areas this year!

  • Project Shepherd

    Project Shepherd is a non-profit organization run by the City of Lakewood and the Rotary Club of Lakewood. Since 1972, this neighbor-to-neighbor assistance program has collected canned goods, dry staples, toys, backpacks and personal care items to distribute to Lakewood families in need throughout the year and around the holiday season.

  • Lakewood Education Foundation

    The Lakewood Education Foundation, known as LEF, is a non-profit agency run by Lakewood residents.

    What type of projects does LEF fund?

    Grant recipients include teachers from each of the four public school districts serving Lakewood, including ABC Unified, Bellflower Unified, Long Beach Unified and Paramount Unified, as well as local private schools.

    Grants, usually for $500 each, will fund art supplies, unique field trips, iPads and Apple TVs that teachers can use in the classroom for the improved display of educational material. Grants also provide science and lab equipment, such as microscopes, books of all kinds and reading levels, and physical education supplies. In addition, “Elmo” document cameras are regularly provided to teachers. These valuable teaching tools allow educators to project textbooks, photographs and artwork for entire classes to view and are ideal for sharing cultural information in foreign language classrooms. In recent years, the most popular request for classroom grants were for extra books, proving that some teaching tools never go out of fashion.

    Local teachers are invited to submit grant applications for up to $500. In their applications, teachers must demonstrate that the desired classroom improvement project will have a direct benefit to Lakewood students.

  • Weingart Senior Center

    The Weingart Senior Center, located near the corner of Lakewood and Candlewood, is full of activities and services for seniors 50 and older. Our donations will go to help general maintenance and improvements to help the center be safe and updated for our senior neighbors.