Let's Walk The Way of the cross

Join us on this journey along The Way of the Cross.

Come by the church Tuesday, April 12th - Thursday April 14th, from 6 to 8 pm, to walk through each of the 15 Stations of the Cross with your family and take a moment at each in reflection and prayer. The videos below will guide you with scripture, reflection and prayer, or you can use the booklet (downloadable here or picked up at the information booth).

We hope you are blessed by this immersive experience and use it to help you talk about the Cross of Christ with those around you.

Station 1 - Jesus Prays In The Garden

Station 2 - Judas Betrays The Redeemer

Station 3 - Jesus Condemned

Station 4 - Jesus Is Denied By Peter

station 5 - Jesus Is Judged By Pilate

Station 6 - Jesus Is Scourged & Crowned

Station 7 - Jesus Carries His Cross

Station 8 - Simon Is Charged With Carrying The Cross

Station 9 - Jesus Meets The Women of Jerusalem

Station 10 - Jesus Is Crucified

Station 11 - The Criminal Calls Out To Jesus

Station 12 - Jesus Addresses John and Mary His Mother

Station 13 - The Death of Jesus

Station 14 - Jesus Is Buried in Joseph's Tomb

Station 15 - The Empty Tomb